Play this ancient Babylonian game against some random AI. Every time you play you will compete against a slightly different AI: some may be quirky but a lot are good.

You play with the white counter: click on a counter to move it.

  • If a counter lands upon a square occupied by an opposing counter, the counter landed upon is bopped  off the board and must start again from the beginning.
  • if a counter is on a red square it can't be bopped
  • If a counter lands on a red square, throw the dice again (and again if another rosette is landed upon). The same piece need not be moved on the additional throw.
  • Pieces can be moved onto the board at any stage of the game as long as the square that is moved to upon the first turn is vacant.
  • A player must always move a counter if it is possible to do so but if it is not possible, the turn is lost.
  • Exact throws are needed to bear pieces off the board.