Help us MacBooler the bomb is about to explode!

This game is inspired by the Saturday Night Sketch "MacGruber".

Here is how to play:

While is impossible to defuse this bomb you can "delay the inevitable" by performing boolean additions as fast as you can.

What is a boolean addition? Just like a regular addiction but on base two.  

On each column, you have two LEDs and a switch. 
Led On = 1, Led Off = 0. Switch Up = 1 Switch Down = 0


Here are all the possible combinations:

0+0=0 (switch down)
0+1=1 (switch up)
1+1=10 (switch down, carry one)
1+0+0=1 (switch up)
1+1+0=10 (switch down, carry one)
1+1+1=11 (switch up, carry one)


Download 7 MB

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