In this game of poker you can gain a lot of Likes but to play you have to use "your live as a currency".

Answer some personal questions about your live to play each round.

Click on a card you want to discard, and then click Deal to discard them.

Can you win more like then your friends?


Download 2 MB


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Aha, I was feeling very confused, but I pushed on and that was a nice "punchline" of the game. I'd encourage others to keep clicking through - it's not long and it'll make sense!

Is the poker part basically random? I'm not sure if there was anything I could do to play better or worse.

Poker is just poker :-) You can change cards by clicking on them.

Also there is a small difference with regular poker: you draw from the same deck untill card runs out, so - in theory - you could try to count cards.

I see, I hadn't found that you could click cards, so I was just getting whatever I had from the deck!